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From SB 1180 To ABC-MAP Act: The Antietam Of Pennsylvania’s War On Drugs

From SB1180 to ABC-MAP: The Antietam Of Pennsylvania's War On Drugs

Mr. Wasserman, my AP Calculus teacher instructed me that “History isn’t about facts and dates and people and stuff… it’s about feelings and emotions. Like how did the pilgrims feel when they landed on Plymouth Rock?” Okay… I really don’t despise history; in fact, I have a fond appreciation for it (given I’m within close […]

Surgical Burn Incident of New York Man Stirs Awareness On Operating Room Safety


A surgical burn event two years ago involving a middle-aged New York man and an attempted cover-up by hospital administrators triggers local and national awareness and dialogue on safety and attentiveness in the operating rooms of hospitals and medical facilities nationwide. Enrique Ruiz, then aged 52, endured second-degree burns to his neck and chest April […]

Flash Fire Death of S. Illinois Woman Prompts Reforms On Operation Tools Use

A surgical flash fire ending in the death of an elderly Southern Illinois woman is forcing public policymakers to re-think the category of surgical tools used in operation rooms in hospitals and facilities nationwide. In early September 2009, Janice McCall, 65, of Energy, Ill. was undergoing surgery at Heartland Regional Medical Center in south suburban […]

Surgical Burn Death of Elderly Woman Spawns Daughter’s Safety Website, Medical Reforms


The surgical burn death of an elderly woman inspired her daughter to create a website addressing the subject for other potential and actual victims and government and private sector policymakers to reform emergency room procedures. In December 2002, the deceased woman, Catherine Reuter, 74, who was in surgery for a tracheotomy, sustained second and third-degree […]

Policy Changes Tied To Wrongful Foot Amputation Involve Families, Timeouts, Data, Patient-Doctor Visits


The wrongful foot amputation of a Florida diabetic in 1995 who died six years later has led to a series of hospital and medical policy reforms that include advice for patients to assert their rights and ask questions, the presence of families in surgery rooms, timeouts for doctors to ensure surgery scheduling accuracy, the guarantee […]

Case of Abandoned Surgical Object In Man’s Chest A Cautionary Tale


The medical malpractice case of a sharp surgical tool left in the chest of an elderly Pennsylvania man serves as a teachable moment for hospitals, medical facilities and surgical teams around the country about being attentive and careful at every step of a major procedure to avoid such mishaps. In February 2008, Daryoush Mazarei, then […]

Removal of Veteran’s Wrong Testicle Raises Questions About Patient Consent, Surgical Marks, Processes


The removal of the wrong testicle from an Air Force veteran and failure to rectify the mistake prompts a conversation among the medical community about what constitutes acceptable standards of obtaining a patient’s consent for surgery, marking the correct site of the right operation, double-checking all the details and serving the right patient. In June […]

False Lab Test Lawsuit Prompts Medical Facilities To Root Out Errors


The false laboratory test case involving a Tyler, Texas woman undergoing extensive surgery only to be misdiagnosed with cancer and face a life of permanent disfigurement is leading hospitals and medical facilities nationally to take greater procedural precautions. The malpractice lawsuit by Kim Tutt, then aged 34, against a Texas pathologist and her trade group […]

Death Of Teen Urges Duke University Hospital, Other Facilities To Improve Organ Donor Processes

The nationally-publicized death of an immigrant teen drives a well-recognized hospital and other medical facilities countrywide to re-examine and revamp their organ and blood donation procedures, putting in place technical and communications systems to avert similar tragedies. Jesica Santillan, aged 17, died little over a decade ago after her health deteriorated when a team of […]