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Agencies, Schools Modify Programs; Raise Awareness To Address Pharmacist, Instructor Shortage, Demand

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Widespread concerns abound over too many for-profit pharmacy schools, too few pharmacy school faculty members and a shortage in and fluctuating demand for pharmacists throughout the profession and attendant communities. In response, federal agencies, medical and pharmacy schools and professional trade associations are releasing data on student field experience; faculty and student enrollment; building pharmacy […]

It’s Not Just a Load of Crop: Investigating the Chlorpyrifos Insecticide

Toxic Burden in Farmworker Households The chemicals found in fertilizers and pesticides are known to adversely affect the human nervous system even at low levels of exposure. Neither the agricultural industry nor the EPA can deny scientific findings regarding the toxic qualities of organophosphates in the insecticide chlorpyrifos, but that does not deter pesticide manufacturers […]

Spring Reset: Celebrating National Nutrition Month


If your New Year’s resolutions to get healthy have lost some steam, don’t despair. March is National Nutrition Month, offering the perfect opportunity to reset between winter and spring. National Nutrition Month is an annual nutrition education and information campaign created by the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The theme for 2015, “Bite into […]

Photos, TV Shows, Dogs Help Fight Dementia


Dementia is a general term that covers all types of issues that cause a decline in mental abilities. It includes Alzheimer’s disease and dementia secondary to a stroke. This time of year, after the holidays and before spring, can be trying for all of us. Those suffering from dementia, especially those who are institutionalized, find […]

Inside Stress: Learning Methods of Managing


by Jane Rosenblum LCSW, ACSW, CCM What you need to know about stress: The family of origin has its own rules and messages about how they view pending situations and how to react and cope. It is this concept that will travel with you as you get older. However, it is possible to alter what […]

Federal Regs Promote Consumer Product Safety, Medicine; Offer Career Stability To Researchers


Regulatory affairs can be defined as “the profession responsible for overseeing and providing direction for government-mandated regulations related to the safety and efficacy of products within pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, veterinary, and healthcare industries.” Professionals working in this area and in these industries rely on the guiding principles and requirements of regulatory authorities, such as […]

Home Safe Home: Enhancements Make Living Safer


Consider this a short guide to small home improvements that can keep you and your family safe… Many people take living at home for granted most of their lives. At some point, many must move to senior facilities or nursing homes as they are not able to be safe at home. This article will not […]

Effective Uses of Pilates for Injury Rehabilitation


When I first came to Pilates, I had been sidelined from running by hip and knee pain. I was looking for a workout that would allow me to maintain my fitness level, while not doing further damage to my joints and promoting recovery. During the first class, I found myself challenged on both the mental […]

Natural Ways to a Better Brain


Studies have confirmed that we’re living longer, but the problem is that we’re not living younger. Life expectancy in the United States today is about 80 years old, while cognitive brain performance peaks in our early 40s. That means mental functions like memory, reasoning, and decision-making decline in the last 30 or 40 years of […]

Keeping Balance, Keeping Prevents Seniors From Falling, Improves Quality of Life


Growing older is a part of life. For many, that also means an increased risk of falling. Falls that lead to injuries will lead to a lack of mobility that can lead to more falling. It does not have to be that way. There are some simple things you can do to stay steady on […]