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From SB 1180 To ABC-MAP Act: The Antietam Of Pennsylvania’s War On Drugs

From SB1180 to ABC-MAP: The Antietam Of Pennsylvania's War On Drugs

Mr. Wasserman, my AP Calculus teacher instructed me that “History isn’t about facts and dates and people and stuff… it’s about feelings and emotions. Like how did the pilgrims feel when they landed on Plymouth Rock?” Okay… I really don’t despise history; in fact, I have a fond appreciation for it (given I’m within close […]

The Perfect Flu Storm: New Jersey Lowers Minimum Age for Pharmacists to Administer the Influenza Vaccine

A few months ago I started dating this woman from the greater Philadelphia region. Needless to say, she’s amazing – full of spunk, sass, and strong character (and she’s quite beautiful too!). Our relationship has gotten to the point that, as men, we internally shudder to contemplate – meeting her family. Although I met them […]

Breast Cancer Awareness


“Feel your boobies.” I remember first seeing a breast cancer awareness car magnet while finishing my P3 year of pharmacy school in Winchester, VA. Admittedly direct, the magnet certainly piqued my curiosity for and awareness of breast cancer. Shortly after observing that magnet about raising breast cancer awareness, I received an e-mail for a breast […]

Celiac Disease: An Overview


A few weeks ago I decided to expand my social circle in an environment I have no familiarity with: at a networking party – in New Jersey, no less. I researched different groups who would be attending, giving away door prizes, offering jobs, and the like. Although initially excited and intimidated, I wanted to tell […]

A Pharmacist’s Analysis of S.B. 493


The advent of October brings fond memories of the Autumn season. People look forward to that time of pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, harvest season, hayrides, Halloween exhibits, brisk morning jogs, the beauty of Fall foliage, and other sensual delights. Last year, I practiced pharmacy about 45 minutes north of Harrisburg, PA; although I didn’t […]

Measles Outbreak: Informing Parents about a Once Dormant Disease Regaining Momentum


While logging onto my Facebook account last Thursday, I came across a CNN article linked from my colleague in Kentucky. The intriguing, alarming title says it all: “U.S. measles cases in 2013 may be most in 17 years.” Even though the number of annual cases has significantly plummeted over the past few decades, measles still […]