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False Lab Test Lawsuit Prompts Medical Facilities To Root Out Errors

The false laboratory test case involving a Tyler, Texas woman undergoing extensive surgery only to be misdiagnosed with cancer and face a life of permanent disfigurement is leading hospitals and medical facilities nationally to take greater procedural precautions. The malpractice lawsuit by Kim Tutt, then aged 34, against a Texas pathologist and her trade group […]

Wrongful Birth Suit Signals Importance of Diagnostic Testing

(NOTE: As a regular feature, PharmPsych.com is offering up summaries of legal medical malpractice suits, especially in the field of pharmacy and other healthcare specialties. Each summary will detail the narrative for the suit, the reasons, outcomes, financial compensation and settlements involved. The summaries will also discuss the lessons learned by medical professionals.) A wrongful […]

The Perfect Flu Storm: New Jersey Lowers Minimum Age for Pharmacists to Administer the Influenza Vaccine

A few months ago I started dating this woman from the greater Philadelphia region. Needless to say, she’s amazing – full of spunk, sass, and strong character (and she’s quite beautiful too!). Our relationship has gotten to the point that, as men, we internally shudder to contemplate – meeting her family. Although I met them […]

A Pharmacist’s Analysis of S.B. 493


The advent of October brings fond memories of the Autumn season. People look forward to that time of pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, harvest season, hayrides, Halloween exhibits, brisk morning jogs, the beauty of Fall foliage, and other sensual delights. Last year, I practiced pharmacy about 45 minutes north of Harrisburg, PA; although I didn’t […]