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Adding Insult to Interview – Another Email From “Jane”

A few months ago, I went to an interview with a major, nationwide pharmacy compounding company. I was really excited about the interview because I had always wanted to work in a nontraditional pharmacy setting. I prepped for the interview as best as I could. I read about the CEO and the company’s origin. How […]

5 Tips For The Pharmacy Job Seeker

My fans have been asking me if I have any tips for the pharmacy job seeker. That is, the new graduates who recently entered, or will be entering, the saturated pharmacy market. Truth is, I have already covered this topic in the past, at speaking events, lectures, continuing education sessions. But, just in case you […]

I Can’t Find A Pharmacy Job! – An Email From “Jane”

A few weeks ago I got into an email conversation with a new pharmacy graduate who was experiencing difficulty obtaining employment after graduation in the now saturated pharmacist market. She (let’s call her “Jane”) came to me, as many others do, seeking advice on her career (or lack thereof). Here is what Jane had to […]

By Professionals for Professionals

PharmPsych Careers Portal was created by medical professionals for medical professionals. Our team members are medical professionals ranging from physicians to pharmacists and nurses. We understand the unique career challenges that healthcare professionals and organizations face, and we provide resources to help you overcome them. Who better to help you with your career quest than […]