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5 Tips For The Pharmacy Job Seeker

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My fans have been asking me if I have any tips for the pharmacy job seeker. That is, the new graduates who recently entered, or will be entering, the saturated pharmacy market. Truth is, I have already covered this topic in the past, at speaking events, lectures, continuing education sessions. But, just in case you missed it in person, I discussed it again in a recent “Dear Jane” email from a 2014 pharmacy graduate. Click here to read it, or follow the link below:

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F. Zaria Chinelo is an internationally recognized award winning writer, artist, scientist, and entrepreneur. She holds multiple degrees in Pharmacy, Molecular& Cell Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. As a Pharmacy Law Expert, Zaria helps professionals and organizations avoid potential liability. As an Organizational Management Expert, Zaria helps businesses recruit and retain sustainable talent. Zaria also helps individuals positively impact their career. Dr. Chinelo writes passionately about various topics.

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