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$7.1M Mass. Infant Drug Error Case Award Stokes Fears Of Pharmacist Vulnerability, Preparedness For Lawsuits

A March 2002 $7.1 million judgment against two Massachusetts hospital pharmacists and a pharmacy technician, but not the hospital itself, in an infant medication error court case raises concerns among those in the field about their vulnerability and lack of preparedness for such future patient lawsuits. In the mid-1980s, states passed tort reform laws that […]

Ohio State Pharmacy Law & MPJE Preview

A preview of the Ohio State Pharmacy Law/MPJE Course, as presented by Dr. Frieda Wiley, Pharm.D., CGP

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Benefits of Multiple Pharmacy Licenses

The benefits of multiple state licenses in pharmacy far outweigh the cost. Granted, studying for and obtaining licensure in different states means doling out expensive fees for each state and spending more to cover continuing education (CE) credits in the course of a career. However, starting out, a pharmacist can expect to gain more experience […]

Multi-Licensure in Pharmacy is NOT Optional

Possessing multiple state licenses in pharmacy is no longer a privilege. It is a necessity. While no known research has established the percentage of pharmacists licensed in multiple states, a growing number seek to obtain licensure in different states. Why? Namely, college students select the specialty of pharmacy they wish to practice long before graduation, […]