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Benefits of Multiple Pharmacy Licenses

The benefits of multiple state licenses in pharmacy far outweigh the cost.

Granted, studying for and obtaining licensure in different states means doling out expensive fees for each state and spending more to cover continuing education (CE) credits in the course of a career. However, starting out, a pharmacist can expect to gain more experience in their field, build his or her practice and enhance his or her revenue by being fluent in pharmacy law in more than one state. Then the payoff begins — in the form of diminishing student loan debt, a varied and exciting learning curve, workplace flexibility and versatility, job security, refreshed skills and professional relevance.

Multistate licensure permits you to tailor your employment to both your career stage and personal life. For example, a novice pharmacist is almost guaranteed workplace fulfillment while working in their chosen specialty, favored pharmacy chain or factoring in work/life balance and geographical aspects such as warm weather and proximity to family and friends. Take the case of Alex Niyazov, Pharm.D., MPH. His multistate pharmacy licensures

Plus, a fledging pharmacist can establish his or her character or reputation through the background checks and overall processes of the state pharmacy boards of each state. After all, licenses being transferred must be active, unrestricted and in good standing to be deemed valid by each state.

Above all, however, a pharmacist branching out in multiple states becomes more attuned, sensitive and committed to the needs of the patient communities he or she serves overtime as he or she grows familiar with the geographical and cultural surroundings and circumstances of its state residents.




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