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Dismissal Of Michigan Drug Counseling Suit Shows Need To Add Expert To Some Plaintiffs’ Court Cases

The dismissal of a Michigan pharmacy malpractice lawsuit that stemmed from the alleged lack of counseling on a dangerous drug’s side effects or alternatives to the drug demonstrates the need for patients to include a medical expert and accompanying documentation when building a court case in some states. A trial court dismissed the pharmacy suit, […]

Florida Drug Error-Linked Death Highlights Need For ‘Slow’ Pharmacy Service, Dosage Caution

Patients are better served in a traditional, brick-and-mortar walk-in setting in which they interact with pharmacists at a healthy, deliberate pace and families pay attention to the details of a prescription, including its dosage, as an accidental drug-related death lawsuit stemming from service in a Florida Walgreens drive-thru Feb. 14, 2008 teaches. The Florida court […]

Benefits of Multiple Pharmacy Licenses

The benefits of multiple state licenses in pharmacy far outweigh the cost. Granted, studying for and obtaining licensure in different states means doling out expensive fees for each state and spending more to cover continuing education (CE) credits in the course of a career. However, starting out, a pharmacist can expect to gain more experience […]

Multi-Licensure in Pharmacy is NOT Optional

Possessing multiple state licenses in pharmacy is no longer a privilege. It is a necessity. While no known research has established the percentage of pharmacists licensed in multiple states, a growing number seek to obtain licensure in different states. Why? Namely, college students select the specialty of pharmacy they wish to practice long before graduation, […]