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Agencies, Schools Modify Programs; Raise Awareness To Address Pharmacist, Instructor Shortage, Demand

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Widespread concerns abound over too many for-profit pharmacy schools, too few pharmacy school faculty members and a shortage in and fluctuating demand for pharmacists throughout the profession and attendant communities. In response, federal agencies, medical and pharmacy schools and professional trade associations are releasing data on student field experience; faculty and student enrollment; building pharmacy […]

OUR TAKE: October 2013


Victory! SB493 Signed into law recognizes pharmacists as healthcare providers in California…With a stroke of his pen, Governor Brown signed SB 493 into law on Tuesday, October 1, thus capping months of efforts to pass the legislation.

OUR TAKE: April 2013


The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) announced recent changes that will affect the certification requirements of pharmacy technicians. Why The Hospital Wants Pharmacists to Be your Coach…An NPR article that examines the impact of pharmacists in both the community and hospitals on both patients and government health systems. The New York Times examines how pharmacists […]