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Beta Blocker Patient Education & Counseling

Avoid activities requiring mental alertness or coordination until drug effects are known (drug may cause excessive somnolence and impaired cognition). Tell your doctor if you are planning a major surgery with anesthesia (drug impairs ability of heart to respond to reflex adrenergic stimuli). Drug may cause diarrhea, nausea, dyspepsia, chest pain, limb pain, headaches, dizziness, […]

Ketamine: An Overview


Ketamine is probably one of the few date rape drugs that are regularly used in human and veterinary medicine. It is similar to PCP and was designed in the earlier 1960s as an alternative to the drug. It is a dissociative anesthetic, meaning that the person who takes it feels like they are having an […]

Endocrinology Series: Oxytocin, A Diverse Nanopeptide (Part 1)


DESCRIPTION A peptide is defined as low molecular weight polymers of less than 40 amino acids joined together by amide linkages. Oxytocin, often abbreviated OXT, is included in this group and is a nonapeptide, meaning that it contains a sequence of nine peptides. The sequence is cysteine, tyrosine, isoleucine, glutamine, asparagine, cysteine, proline, leucine, and […]

GHB: An Overview


The Facts The salt form of Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), sodium oxybate, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002 under the name Xyrem. It treats narcolepsy and cataplexy, a condition where emotions trigger a temporary loss of muscle tone. But previous to its therapeutic uses, GHB is more familiar as a “party” […]

Rohypnol: The Good, The Bad and the Pharmacology


Rohypnol’s has become infamous for its use as a date rape drug. More commonly known as Roofies, its properties make it the perfect drug to incapacitate a victim. The following article examines the drug in detail. Drug Class and Therapeutic Use Rohypnol’s generic name is flunitrazepam. A benzodiazepine developed in the 1970s. It was actually […]

Dark Pharmacy: The Science of Date Rape Drugs


Although an unpleasant topic, understanding how date rape drugs work explains why they are used by sexual predators. All date rape drugs bind to receptors in the brain to produce effects that render the victim helpless. Three date rape drugs that are most commonly used are Rohypnol, GHB and ketamine. Rohypnol Rohypnol is the brand […]



ADULT URINARY TRACT INFECTION DOSING CHART Dosing for urinary tract infections is a necessary skill for clinical pharmacists. We’ve compiled a chart that makes it simpler to dose adults. View Chart As an Image            View Chart As a PDF pharm-psych-adult-uti-dosing-chart  

Dosing and Dose Equivalence of Metformin


Dosing and Dose Equivalence of Metformin Initial dose  Titration Maximum dose Metformin (Glucophage) IR Tab 500 mg BID 500 mg Qweek 2550mg/day in 2 or 3 doses Metformin (Glucophage) XR Tab   850 mg QDay 850 mg Qweek 2550mg/day in 2 or 3 doses Metformin (Riomet) IR solution (100mg/mL) 500 mg BID OR   850 […]

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