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If you enjoy writing, then Pharm Psych is the place for you! Our community is filled with talented individuals who analyze issues, write articles, and provide tips that can help their fellow man learn more about pharmacy.

We have been working hard to add additional features to the site, and are looking for additional help from the community. We would love to be able to publish some quality content from our readers!

All authors will receive a bio that shows your picture/icon along with a short biography and link(s) to your site(s) and social links along with each published article.

We’re always looking to provide our readers with the best content from around the world, and our website provides a venue for up and coming writers to gain exposure while reaching a new audience.

Get your voice heard today! If you’re interested in joining Pharm Psych, please contact us or fill out our Contributor Interest Form For general information, please view the Rules and Guidelines Below. For answers to common questions, please view our author FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions). For detailed information, please view the Submission Agreement

Rules and Guidelines

The following rules are in place to ensure that the quality and integrity of the site remains intact:

  1. The post should not be introduced anywhere else on the web in English; including, but not limited to, your own site
  2. Any images used in the post cannot mess up the design of the site. In general, the picture should not exceed 450 pixels in width. If necessary, please crop the photo or reduce its size prior to uploading.
  3. It is okay to link to your own site or other sites, provided that the links are relevant to the topic of the article / post. However, non relevant links, such as affiliate codes and referral links are not allowed.  Please keep in mind that you will already receive links to your site on your author bio page, and article page.

If you have additional questions, or if you are interested in joining Pharm Psych, please contact us.

Last updated April 2013