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Press Release

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OCTOBER 7, 2014

BRENTWOOD, TENN., PharmPsych.Net, an online repository of brand-building and marketing tools, plans to launch this year to serve business members of the PharmPsych network.

With its upcoming debut, the website will inform pharmacists, medical professionals — especially those with private practices or medical enterprises — lawyers, white-collar professionals and business owners of their marketing and promotional options through the PharmPsych network.

The PharmPsych network includes PharmPsych.com, TutorforGood.org, FelicityMotivational.org, FelicityTutors.com, MediPreneur.com, PharmaPreneur.com, BlackSpeaks.com and PharmPsych.Net.

The network will prioritize clientele who already have a substantial presence or high level of exposure on its sister sites, including having their news or published material syndicated or reprinted, their product and service lines advertised or their expertise or organizations showcased in news interview profiles online — to receive PharmPsych.Net’s best offerings.

Specifically, PharmPsych.Net will feature articles, blurbs, graphics, videos and audio files for its following of participating medical, pharmacy and white-collar entrepreneurs of the multiple ways in which they can promote and grow their businesses with the network’s arsenal of products and services.

Much of the content will describe the different forms of advertising possible with the PharmPsych network such as sponsored posts, informative articles and online advertisements and how they benefit their medical, pharmacy and white-collar clientele.

It will also outline the various communications services offered such as newsletters, brochures and blog posts for customer businesses to build their brands and establish their expertise or professional reputations in their respective medical, pharmacy or nonmedical fields.

F Zaria Chinelo, the founding CEO and president of the PharmPsych network, is a pharmacist, artist, scientist, and entrepreneur. Chinelo possesses six years of experience in teaching education, and web development. She holds dual degrees in molecular biology and general chemistry.

After being hired by Vanderbilt University, Chinelo led urban students to academic success before starting the nonprofit Felicity Motivational Group. She has been honored as a National Merit Scholar and by Texas Instruments for her achievements.


PharmPsych.com is an educational partner and affiliate of the nonprofit Felicity Motivational Group. PharmPsych’s mission is the same as that of Felicity Motivational Group’s — to inform minds, transform health, and change lives by providing health and educational services to the general public.

The Group is a nonprofit corporation, and the parent company of Tutor for Good and is the official nonprofit corporation (child) of Felicity Tutors, L.L.C.

The company informs minds by implementing academic support initiatives for students. It transforms health by furnishing wellness resources to local communities. Felicity Motivational Group fosters excellence by collaborating with various disciplines to create an environment for breakthrough innovation, which ultimately has a positive impact on people’s lives.