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Press Release
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SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

BRENTWOOD, TENN., BlackSpeaks.com and an upcoming medipreneur.com and pharmapreneur.com numbers among the latest spinoffs of PharmPsych.com’s network.

Compared by Z. Faria Chinelo, PharmD, CEO and founding president to a mini “Essence” or “Ebony,” BlackSpeaks.com will serve as a consumer niche portal providing news, work/life advice, resources and a forum for discussing issues facing African-American professionals, medical or nonmedical.

The site extends beyond PharmPsych.com’s reach of advising and promoting pharmacists and other medical professionals only.

Features on the website will include national and international news, content from partners and sister sites, beauty tips and trends, fashion, social issues, health and fitness, lifestyles, sports and videos.

To deliver news and content, PharmPsych.com’s editorial team is seeking professional experts to contribute their recommendations to the site about natural hair care, stories about guidance and instruction of troubled youth, memorable teachers, the importance of African-American teachers in the public schools, winter fashions, photography and the influence of African culture.

The twin medipreneur.com and pharmapreneur.com sites are inspired by the MediPreneur and PharmaPreneur sections of PharmPsych.com that profile medical leaders and business owners and will expand to encapsulate all issues facing them.

PharmPsych.com’s network includes felicitymotivational.org, felicitytutors.com and tutorforgood.org.

Chinelo is a pharmacist, artist, scientist, and entrepreneur. She possesses six years of experience in teaching education, and web development. She holds dual degrees in molecular biology and general chemistry. After being hired by Vanderbilt University, Chinelo led urban students to academic success before starting the nonprofit Felicity Motivational Group. She has been honored as a National Merit Scholar and by Texas Instruments for her achievements.


PharmPsych.com is an educational partner and affiliate of the nonprofit Felicity Motivational Group. PharmPsych’s mission is the same as that of Felicity Motivational Group’s — to inform minds, transform health, and change lives by providing health and educational services to the general public.

The company informs minds by implementing academic support initiatives for students. It transforms health by furnishing wellness resources to local communities. Felicity Motivational Group fosters excellence by collaborating with various disciplines to create an environment for breakthrough innovation, which ultimately has a positive impact on people’s lives.