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Factrel Half life is 2 to 4 minutes; used for diagnostic purposes to differentiate between pituitary and hypothalamic defects in patients with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.
Lutrepulse Half life is 2 to 4 minutes; used to treat patients with reproductive disorders secondary to deficiency of GnRH or disordered secretion of GnRH. It is administered via IV with pulses that promote a physiological reproductive cycle.Side effect: phlebitis due to infusion device
Lupron / Suprefact / Synarel GnRH analogues that have substitution at AA position 6 that inhibits proteolysis while prolonging half life; in addition to C terminal substitutions that improve receptor binding
  1. Pregnyl
  2. A.P.L.
  3. Profasi
Chorionic Gonadotropins from urine of pregnant women include. Used to treat infertility. CG is secreted by placenta in early stages of pregnancy.
  1. Pergonal
  2. Humagon
  3. Repronex
Mixtures of LH and FSH known as MENOTROPIN. Administered intramuscularly to treat infertility.
  1. Follitropin alpha
  2. Gonal F
  3. Follitropin Beta
  4. Puregon
  5. Follistim
Recombinant FSH (rFSH); administered subcutaneously to treat infertility

Gonadotropins are not recommended for use in women because of a higher incidence of multiple pregnancies. Despite this, they are still used; especially for anovulatory women or women with infertility in spite of ovulation. In males, due to the expense of gonadotropins androgens are usually used first to treat infertility, followed with gonadotropins for the time when fertility is desired. In addition to infertility, GnRH or GnRH receptor agonist can be used for the treatment of uterine fibroids.

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Last updated October 2013