THE Online Pharmacy Community Expands To Offer E-Prescribing As More Accountable Alternative To Paper Brentwood, Tennessee Press Release Contact: Vladimire Herard Phone: 800.595.1106 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DECEMBER 16, 2014 BRENTWOOD, TENN., has expanded its pages to provide electronic prescribing online, the latest trend in medical prescriptions and a more accountable, more accurate alternative to written prescriptions on paper. Under a partnership between the PharmPsych Network and MD […]

Keeping Balance, Keeping Prevents Seniors From Falling, Improves Quality of Life

Growing older is a part of life. For many, that also means an increased risk of falling. Falls that lead to injuries will lead to a lack of mobility that can lead to more falling. It does not have to be that way. There are some simple things you can do to stay steady on […]