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Sister Sites

We pride ourselves on our nonprofit ties!

PharmPsych is an educational partner and affiliate of the nonprofit organization Felicity Motivational Group, Inc. Felicity Motivational Group’s network consists of sister sites, all of which provide various nonprofit and for profit services to local and online communities. Below is a list of the major sites and services in the Felicity Motivational Group Network.


Felicity TutorsTMFelicity Tutors is a for profit organization that provides elite math and science tutoring, in select cities. A portion of all proceeds are donated to Tutor for Good. Learn more at: http://felicitytutors.com/

Tutor for GoodTMTutor for Good is a nonprofit division of Felicity Motivational Group that provides free online tutoring to students regardless of age in select subjects via a secure site. Learn more at: https://tutorforgood.org/

Educational Motivational Speaking Felicity Motivational Group offers motivational and informative speakers on various educational subjects. Click here to request a speaker, or learn more at: http://felicitymotivational.org/motivational-speaking-educational/


PharmPsychTM– PharmPsych is the premier website that encourages students, professors, and clinicians to “Get Psyched About Pharmacy”TM. This informative site examines diseases, conditions, medications, and other health related topics. PharmPsych’s clinical charts and study guides provides it’s members with an invaluable resource for learning. PharmPsych is an educational partner and affiliate of Felicity Motivational Group, Inc. Learn more at: http://pharmpsych.com/

R.I.S.E. AllianceTM– COMING SOON! R.I.S.E. Alliance offers a variety of health resources and services to local communities. Learn more at: http://www.risealliance.org/

Health Motivational Speaking – Felicity Motivational Group offers motivational and informative speakers on various health subjects. Click here to request a speaker, or learn more at: http://felicitymotivational.org/motivational-speaking-health/

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