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Our Mission is owned and operated by Felicity Tutors, L.L.C. PharmPsych’s mission is similar to that of Felicity Tutors, L.L.C., and is stated as follows:

Informing minds. Transforming health. Changing lives. ® *

Learning is Essential TM.The mission of PharmPsych is to inform minds, transform health, and change lives by providing educational services to the general public to foster learning. We inform minds by providing reliable, peer reviewed information. We transform health by furnishing various resources to our members. PharmPsych fosters excellence by collaborating with various disciplines to create an environment for breakthrough innovation, which ultimately has a positive impact on peoples’ lives. PharmPsych’s ultimate mission is to inspire people to Get Psyched About Pharmacy!TM

Felicity Tutors, L.L.C. is an educational partner, official sponsor, and affiliate of the nonprofit Felicity Motivational Group, Inc. Felicity Motivational Group was founded by members of Felicity Tutors, L.L.C., as a way to give back to the community and provide opportunities to those who may be least fortunate. A portion of all proceeds from is donated to the nonprofit projects of Felicity Motivational Group, Inc.

* Mission and Trademark adapted from Felicity Motivational Group, Inc’s mission of Informing minds. Transforming health. Changing lives. ® Used with permission from Felicity Motivational Group, Inc. Copyright 2013 Felicity Motivational Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

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