Electronic Prescribing At Its Best!

Workflow, Controlled Substances, Allergies Among Six …

Workflow, Controlled Substances, Allergies Among Six Electronic Prescribing Hurdles Facing Doctors In large part due to Medicare penalties for not doing so, the practice of electronic prescribing is growing rapidly in pharmacies nationwide. By late 2011, over 50 percent of office prescribers distributed 36 percent of all medical prescriptions electronically to pharmacies and mail-order houses […]

Governor Cuomo Signs Law Postponing New York Electronic RX

Governor Cuomo Signs Law Postponing New York Electronic Prescribing Mandate For Another Year Removing all doubt that doctor’s offices around New York State would not be caught by an e-prescribing mandate, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law that would postponing the requirement to file all prescriptions electronically for another year. As of March […]

E-Prescribing May Lead To Litigation Risks For Doctors

E-Prescribing May Lead To Litigation Risks For Doctors With Old Data, Lengthy Audits, Delays In Care Through no fault of their own, electronic prescribing may subject doctors to the risk of lawsuits because of outdated information about medication safety, history and quality, the time-consuming audits they must undergo by law and the delays in health […]

E-Prescribing For Medicines Less Costly With Support From Formulary Decisionmakers

Electronic prescribing to prescribe medicines is found to reign in costs with more support from formulary decisionmakers, a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine finds. Researchers Michael A. Fischer, MD, MS, with the Harvard Medical School in Boston and his colleagues say e-prescribing with formulary decision support, also known as FDS, enables pharmacists to issue […]

Study: E-Prescribing At Care Sites Lowers Costs; Boosts Morale; Makes Systems Efficient

Electronic prescribing at primary healthcare facilities is found to decrease medical costs, increase worksite staff morale and render technological systems more efficient, researchers and author of a study of five such organizations in the Annals of Family Medicine publication found. Most physicians who establish e-prescribing in their facilities do not make meaningful use of such […]

Canada Study: Checking Dosage, Height, Weight Key To Addressing Vulnerabilities In E-Prescribing

Checking the dosage and height and weight are among the different ways that pharmacists, medical facilities and software vendors can safeguard against medical errors in electronic prescribing, a Canadian case study finds. In the case study, which appeared as an article titled “Electronic prescribing vulnerabilities” in July 31, 2010 in the ISMP Medication Safety Alert! […]