Electronic Prescribing At Its Best!

E-Prescribing For Medicines Less Costly With Support From Formulary Decisionmakers

Electronic prescribing to prescribe medicines is found to reign in costs with more support from formulary decisionmakers, a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine finds. Researchers Michael A. Fischer, MD, MS, with the Harvard Medical School in Boston and his colleagues say e-prescribing with formulary decision support, also known as FDS, enables pharmacists to issue […]

Study: E-Prescribing At Care Sites Lowers Costs; Boosts Morale; Makes Systems Efficient

Electronic prescribing at primary healthcare facilities is found to decrease medical costs, increase worksite staff morale and render technological systems more efficient, researchers and author of a study of five such organizations in the Annals of Family Medicine publication found. Most physicians who establish e-prescribing in their facilities do not make meaningful use of such […]

Canada Study: Checking Dosage, Height, Weight Key To Addressing Vulnerabilities In E-Prescribing

Checking the dosage and height and weight are among the different ways that pharmacists, medical facilities and software vendors can safeguard against medical errors in electronic prescribing, a Canadian case study finds. In the case study, which appeared as an article titled “Electronic prescribing vulnerabilities” in July 31, 2010 in the ISMP Medication Safety Alert! […]