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Lawyer or Pharmacist Wanted

Job Budget
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Must be completed by
December 31, 2015

PharmPsych is seeking pharmacist(s) and or lawyer(s) in all 50 states to partner with PharmPsych and teach online course(s) in Pharmacy Law for students. The created course should take a student no longer than approximately 1 week (7 full days x 5 hours a day) to complete.

Although experience in teaching and creating a curriculum's and/or course is desired, it is not necessarily a deal breaker. A genuine, sincere interest in teaching Pharmacy Law is favorable. The ideal candidate will possess both enthusiasm and 1+ year of experience in teaching either Law or Pharmacy Law. Candidate MUST be familiar with the use of a computer.

Either a pharmacy or law degree (e.g. Pharm.D. or J.D.) from a United States accredited college of pharmacy or college of law. Multi-state licensure is preferred, but not required.

Develop effective lesson plans for a 1 week online course in Pharmacy Law for your respective state(s)
Create quizzes and/or assessments that are in align with the lesson plans
Update lesson plans, as needed, to reflect changes in laws
Provide feedback and communicate with students who take the course
Communicate regularly and proactively with other members of the PharmPsych team
Identify students who are experiencing difficulty understanding course materials

The success of your course will be measured based on feedback received from students who participate in your course. Your success as an individual will be measured based on your ability to perform the responsibilities listed above.We will provide you with the technological platform and tools needed to perform your teaching duties.

The PharmPsych Network is a medical communications firm. PharmPsych was founded by some of the leading Medical Professionals in their respective fields.The PharmPsych Network was created by Medical Professionals, for Medical Professionals (TM). SOME of our service sites include:

PharmPsych.COM - An online knowledge community for medical professionals
PharmPsych.NET - Medical Communications services for businesses

We are an EOE, Equal Opportunity Employer, as stated on:

This is a per diem and/or commission based position. For more information, please contact us as noted below:


You will need to have these skills:

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