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Author Submission FAQS

What does writing for Pharm Psych get me?

In return for your original contribution, you get the opportunity to introduce yourself to the Pharm Psych community and show off your writing talents. This typically results in additional traffic and subscribers to your website. In return for your work, you will receive your own author page and each page will include a link to your own website or blog.

How does being a contributor work?

As a contributor, your work is published upon approval. There is no minimum contribution level required, so you can write as often as you wish. Once a week or once a year, it’s totally up to you!

Upon initial approval, we will edit your work, if necessary, to reflect current guidelines and clear up possible discrepancies. Upon final approval, we do not edit or change your work in any way; unless you specifically request us to. We do, however, make adjustments to the title, category, and tags if necessary.

What kind of authors are you looking for?

Pharm Psych is a site that is focused on analyzing issues and providing useful information. To ensure the quality and reliability of our site content, all Pharm Psych writers must possess knowledge and/or experience in the area(s) in which they are writing. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about informing, examining issues, or providing tips to other pharmacy individuals. We are also interested in authors who enjoy writing about topics that are suggested by visitors to the site.


Last updated April 2013