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About Pharm Psych

PharmPsych is an online magazine that provides reliable information and unique perspectives on pharmacy related topics. Our editorial team boasts distinguished and highly experienced professionals in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, education, technology, and publishing. We provide detailed medical information via our easy-to-use website. Our goal and mission is to become your leader in Health Information.

PharmPsych’s content is intended for the following audiences: pharmacists, pharmacy and medical school students, physicians and other health professionals, as well as the general public. At PharmPsych.com, our main goal is to serve you, our reader. We welcome topic suggestions from our health professional readers as well as the general public. To suggest a topic, please contact us. In addition, information on PharmPsych.com is periodically edited and updated, as indicated by “Last updated Month Year“. In the event that you discover an error on our website, please contact us. Information from external sources are appropriately cited and/or linked. Original articles, written by members of the PharmPsych team are appropriately credited. In the event that you discover a citation error on our website, please contact us. Any claims made relating to the benefit or performance of a specific medical treatment, commercial product, or service are supported by clear reference to scientific research results, and/or published articles. In the event that you encounter an article on our site that does not confirm to these standards, please contact us.

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Last updated April 2013